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Affirmations: How can I resonate with something I don’t believe?

In response to a question from a new online friend, I’d like to share with you this tip for finding resonance when working with affirmations. Twenty-five years ago, back when I began my journey HOME, I don’t think I really grasped the words I was writing ALL OVER THE PLACE – my journals are filled with them and yet I ended up repeating some lessons I thought I had already learned. Clearly, my soul was not in alignment with truth. So, how have things changed for me now that I am fully in the Light? Well, affirmations are no longer words on a page. I truly LIVE THEM and you can too. Try this exercise for a couple of weeks and let me know how it works for you.

Sit for a moment in silence, preferably outdoors. Feel the presence of Source, God, the Buddha, the universe, …whatever feels good to you. Now, imagine yourself as a child of the Divine – because you are. Envision a beautiful, golden-white light cascading down to and through you, filling you up with that source energy, until every cell of your body reverberates with the truth of who you really are. Feel the shift. You are beloved. Breathe. As a BELOVED CHILD of the UNIVERSE, speak out loud your affirmations.


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