My Journey Home

Do I need The Abundance Whisperer?

I know I must declutter. Though I have very minimal belongings, the clutter caused by some very negative paperwork clogs my home. So far over the past two years I’ve faced bankruptcy, disability, medical issues, and social services now, and it is overwhelming me. Some would just advise “throw it out,” but my cognitive skills are still recovering from the recent traumas, so I feel like I have to keep every little slip of paper and every notice, etc. or I will have no memory of the exchange – oh, wait a minute! maybe THAT’s A GOOD THING?!!! I believe I may have inadvertently answered at least a portion of my question (thank you, Spirit).

Though it may be hard to contemplate, we can find ways to LIVE IN THE NOW, and here’s an opportunity for me to “work it” and maybe to show you how too. From today forward I will keep an ongoing log of the contents of any mail I receive, but unless it’s an original copy of something that must be maintained in case of my death, all else can be discarded. I will THANK the messenger for whatever I’ve received, document in two sentences or less what the correspondence was about, keep it in a folder on my desktop – and the result will be that I will no longer be sitting in the middle of an avalanche of negativity.

Burden lifted.

Spirit works in me and through me. Today’s GIFT is the process you witnessed above. I FELT uncomfortable feelings around this particular area of my life; I was open to receiving an answer to the question; and it was received instantaneously. Through the process of writing my feelings out, Spirit was able to bring an immediate solution – one that is unique to me. I trust that when you work a similar process, your burdens will also be lifted and your path made smooth. If you do find a need to consult someone who devotes her life to helping others release accumulated “stuff”, please see Cristi Earnshaw’s website: http://www.theabundancewhisperer.com/ Go there now and listen to a recent clip of the Conan O’Brian show where Mary Lynn Rajskub discusses Cristi’s gift – I’m sure Cristi got a good chuckle over it!  Oh, and I can’t let you go without telling you that this process was exponentially quickened by TAPPING. See Nick Ortner’s http://www.thetappingsolution.com/ Note: I am not affiliated with either of these FABULOUS PEOPLE or their businesses. I share only to help YOU. Sending love and joyous light…

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