My Journey Home

Whoops, I fell off my disk: Steps to recover quickly.

Well, today I got knocked off my disk. It happens. I’m human. How to get back on? Feeling angry, unsupported and desperate. These are NOT the types of disks I want to be on. “Why can’t anyone do their job anymore? Why is this happening to me?” Hateful and (mostly) untrue thoughts come pouring from my mouth at the heavens above: “Really? Really? I’m working my ASS off to do everything I can here. I’m trusting more than I knew I was capable of trusting! And THIS HAPPENS?  Really?!” Feeling FEAR in all of its ugliness, I know I must claw my way through this – and quick!

“HELP ME get back on my disk!” I yell to my angels (who I am ashamedly starting to doubt)


Biting my lip, I begin…

I am SO grateful that I found this out in time to DO something about it.

More thoughts of the incompetencies that have brought me to this level of distress…

FORGIVENESS: “Those who had a hand in knocking me off my disk are human too. They are all doing the BEST they can.”

Poor things…sending blessings to all my fellow travelers whose minds are elsewhere as they go through their day. May they all find the peace that I have found by being in the NOW moment.



I am so grateful that I found the forms online.

I am so grateful that I have enough gas in my car to drive to his office with another form.

Staying a little more grounded, I proceed…

I am so grateful that Dr. P. came out to complete the form while I was there.

I am so grateful that “something” made me question him about his answers on the form.

I am so grateful to have uncovered the ERROR that would have made an ENORMOUS MESS of EVERYTHING.

I am so grateful that the NEW form is now faxed and a copy is in my possession.

I AM so GRATEFUL that my angels nudged me to call Dr. P’s office this morning.


I AM back on my disk!

I continue to LET GO.

Angels are everywhere and they only want to help.

Today, look for signs that you are DIVINELY GUIDED and PROTECTED, because YOU ARE.



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