My Journey Home

It doesn’t have to be so HARD.

My reality is catching up with me now. I am experiencing ABUNDANCE in all ways. I have been blessed by being approved to receive unemployment benefits; my landlord has granted me until the end of the month to begin to repay the money I owe on rent; I have sent out a few job applications that I’m quite interested in; I have food in my refrigerator; and I’m HEALTHY again. This has been a long, hard road my friends – one that it turns out, I didn’t have to take (pssst…it doesn’t have to be HARD). Something inside of ME knew that I would survive the absolute living HELL that was my dis-ease. That something whispered and nudged and pushed until I took notice. It brought me more pain and contrast than I thought I could withstand until I was forced to CHOOSE LOVE over fear. I was forced to CHOOSE a joyful moment in nature rather than a dark bedroom of fear. I was forced to CHOOSE to be truly, truly, truly grateful for what I DO have, rather than what I don’t – KNOWing that there is nothing that I need that I don’t have in this moment. Read that last part again: KNOWing that there is nothing that I need that I don’t have in this moment. BREATHE. A LONG deep breath in, HOLD for a count of 4, now out….let go of any resistance to this message. You understand this truth. It resonates somewhere within you, I know, because we are one. Breathe again. Good. That “something” that we were discussing that was nudging me was my soul. It’s your soul too. Through me, it offers you a view of the minuscule shift in perception that needs to happen in order for you to come into alignment with all that is and ever was. Do you GET that it’s a choice? How we choose to live – either wrapped up in the past, in the worry of the future, or in the BLESSED moment that we have right now, is ALL about choice and it’s all about YOUR choice…oh, yeah! …and it’s all about NOW.

Much LOVE and LIGHT to all who seek, teach, learn and comfort. Blessings to all lightworkers.

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