My Journey Home

What you think MATTERs

Human beings have such a difficult time REALIZING the WONDER of it all. We fail to remember, all too often, the phenomenal living, breathing, oneness that is us. We forget that we are STARDUST. We forget our DIVINITY. We forget our ONENESS. We forget that we are ENERGY.


WE ARE VIBRATION. The thoughts that we have are also VIBRATION. They are sent out into the universe at a pace that is quite startling: approximately 80,000 thoughts per day. You cannot lack interest in this topic as it is essential to the progress you will make here. Your thoughts, whether positive or negative, affect you (of this there is little doubt). But, they also affect our entire planet and the EARTH herself.

It’s been a great pleasure to me on this journey to discover this truth. Training my brain to concentrate on leaning toward joy in every moment, was at first, a survival strategy. The FEAR that was consuming me held power ONLY if I allowed it’s presence in my psyche. Such EMPOWERMENT! Over the past TWO MONTHS, I have turned away from the crippling fear, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue that was hell-bent on my demise, and have begun to live the truth of who I AM in the DIVINE ORDER of things. I AM a DIVINE EXPRESSION of the UNIVERSE. When I find myself slipping at any particular moment, one tool I use is to start sending blessings. This stops the negative banter in my head and turns my heart toward love. Blessings to the driver sitting beside me at a light; blessings to the one who cut in front of me (extra blessings on this one, Lord); blessings to the people in the apartment complex where I live; to my city, my state, my country, the world, Mother Earth and all sentient beings on the planet. This can take up a good portion of your day if you allow it. Isn’t that preferable to sending out, to yourself or others, the nonsense that was occupying space in your mind? Try it now. Imagine the HEALING that occurs. Now, wasn’t that DIVINE?  Blessed BE!

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