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Five Steps to Co-Creating at (y)our BEST

Step 1: Whatever feeling you are having right now, ask yourself: “Is this feeling one of lightheartedness or is it heavy, dense and producing distress?” If it’s the former, go to Step 5; the latter, read on.

Step 2: The feeling you are having…nothing else, JUST the feeling you are having…is causing your distress. Move slightly in the opposite direction (toward joy). Allow yourself some distance from the topic in this moment.

Step 3: Every time you feel the original feeling creep back in (and you’ll notice this quicker the more you practice it), train your attention on something you love: A beloved child, pet or flower is a great place to start. Stay in that present moment and…

Step 4: FEEL THE BLISS. Live THIS moment.

Step 5: STAY THERE. Continue to train your brain and devote your energy to maintaining this vibration. Develop a list of things that bring you joy and refer to it often until JOY becomes as common to you as BREATHING.

You are – (I AM) – the co-creator of (y)our reality. Everything is already in (y)our vortex. Staying focused on joy and bliss ensures, through Law of Attraction, that you will be surrounded by ALL that LOVE has to offer. Please note: If you just heard yourself say, “but I’m not!” then return to Step 1.

It’s REALLY this easy, folks. I was introduced to the teachings of Abraham approximately 2 MONTHS ago and my life has changed in dramatic ways! Each and every time I felt FEAR – my constant companion for 50 years – I turned away and said, “No, you’ve done enough. Now, I’m headed in the opposite direction, toward LOVE.”  You can do the same, whatever issue you are facing. Look for miracles rather than darkness. Namaste.

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