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Kids are Resilient

There is a conversation replaying in my head from a couple of days ago when a response to a little boy’s sadness was lovingly “kids are resilient”…or some such thing. And although it is true that as humans you are a resourceful species, the damage to that little boy’s psyche (hence our psyche) has been done and will begin to build momentum without the proper direction. Here’s how to stop the momentum from buidling:

Step 1: Get inside your vortex. What does this mean? It means to let go of any feelings that YOU are having about your child’s experience in this moment right now. Why? Because you are coloring it with all those perceptions you haven’t yet dealt with, that’s why – and it’s impacting the now. How do you stop it? We’re glad you asked.

Step 2: What is the highest feeling thought you can reach for in this moment? The angst that we feel when our children are hurting makes us FEEL helpless. You cannot help another if you are feeling helpless. Reach instead for a thought like “My child is surrounded by love and support.”

Step 3: Instead of the “wanting of” this thought, stop for a moment and feel the deliciousness of what it feels like when you KNOW that this statement is true: My child is surrounded by love and support. Did you feel the slight lift in your vibration? Feel it NOW. Say it again. Work with it until you believe it. Move on to Step 5 if you know you are in the vortex.

Step 4: If you are still in a negative thought pattern, resist pouring fuel on your child’s fire and keep some distance to the topic until you ARE in your vortex. Remember, if nothing else, your child has YOU…and YOU ARE a loving and supportive presence or you wouldn’t be reacting to his/her suffering. So, starting with YOU repeat “My child is surrounded by love and support” and envision your arms hugging him/her in a warm, loving peaceful embrace. Now your child truly is surrounded by love and support. Add a little color to your visualization and imagine a pink radiance expanding around, through, and out into the world. Only love and support will find them now. Consider friends or teachers in your child’s life who have expressed sincere interest in his/her well being. Imagine them adding more pink to the mix; which now surrounds all your loved ones. Dwell in this feeling and KNOW that your child IS loved and fully supported in the universe. Now you are ready for Step 5.

Step 5: Allow your child their own process for releasing their feelings, but from your place of knowing, choose a calm moment and say this:

This thing that has hurt you or made you sad or caused you pain, that is not a thing to which I would give my attention. For it is in the giving of attention to this thing that causes you more pain each passing minute. Would you agree?

and they will

and then ask how they really feel about the situation. Listen closely to the simple words and language that they use. Imagine your child’s little, wide open heart. Ever so gently guide him/her back to the highest truth: that they are loved and supported. Show them evidence of this and remember to include YOU. Thank your child for coming into your life and for teaching you all that is…for now, you both know the truth. Appreciate this moment in LOVE and plan another happy moment together now…notice we said “happy MOMENT”. We did not say buy them a new toy or take them on some expensive adventure; a moment of your precious, focused time is ALL they really want and need.

Blessings to you…

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