My Journey Home


Namaste. We’ve heard it, said it and hopefully BELIEVE it, or soon will.

When we look into the eyes of another, do we “see” with the eyes of our human self or those of the Divine? When you see through human eyes some of the following symptoms may appear:

  1. you may look at the life of a loved one and feel (and act) as if you know what’s best for them
  2. you may interfere to the point of alienating your loved ones, causing you increased suffering
  3. you resist so much that worry, stress and eventually dis-ease become who you are
  4. your focus is always outward and you fail to remember your own divinity

This is one of the biggest problems we have today. To see “the other” with an appreciation for the journey they’ve led and the path that they’re on, while knowing that it is as important for them to get their part in all of this “right” as it is for you to get your part in all of this “right” is to witness y(our) divinity. In doing that, there comes a shift, a weightlessness, a knowing, that if we give each other space to seek and know, all will be well.

So, take a minute right now to nod your head in the direction of a loved one or a friend whom you may have been judging; maybe the name of someone just popped into your mind. Remember your judgments of them. Breathe. Understand that they need time and space to work out their own unique mapping in the Universe. Allow them a brief lifting of their spirit and remember them with all the love you’ve ever felt. Be the wind beneath their wings for just this moment in time. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the love flowing in with your inhalation and filling every cell of your being.  Each exhalation feel this love flow out into the universe to your loved one and beyond, soothing your soul as well and bringing you peace.

Now, imagine your loved one awakening tomorrow with a feeling of weightlessness. They feel stronger, more confident, more connected to life. This positive momentum carries forward into their day and a spontaneous encounter occurs and changes his/her life forever. Wouldn’t that make you feel wonderful? Wouldn’t you want that feeling to remain in your life forever? An exhilaration for the happiness of another; it is the best feeling in the world. Can you feel it?

There is power in truth: we have no choice how others feel about us, but we do have a choice about what we feel about others. And this choice impacts US as much as it impacts them. So, why not switch into this mode of thinking for just one week and see what happens. Real transformation is ready to begin.


Image courtesy of Robert Stampe.

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