My Journey Home

There is No Time or Space

I’ve been manipulating time for ¼ century now in very small, but significant ways (and recently things just got bigger; more on this in an upcoming post). A friend taught me one powerful affirmation 25 years ago that when used, SLOWS DOWN TIME. Don’t take my word for it; prove it to yourself.

Repeat as necessary: There is enough time and space for all that I need and want to do.

I’ve said this affirmation for the past 25 years every time I felt I was going to be “late” for anything. After minimal practice you will feel your body respond positively to those simple words and you will KNOW (and the universe will prove to you) that you will arrive wherever you are going on time, or circumstances will realign to make it unnecessary that you do so.

All things are possible. Blessed BE.

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