My Journey Home

A Magnificently Orchestrated Symphony

Yesterday: Enlightenment – the knowledge that WE ARE NEVER ALONE (see post, then continue) filled me with such majesty and awe I was walking on air. Yesterday I learned, and the knowledge continues to expand) that we each have soul connections (an entire TRIBE of walking, breathing, living BEINGS on the planet) whom we have never met in this lifetime but whom we are energetically connected to on a subconscious level, accessed primarily (but not entirely) through meditation. We ARE a MAGNIFICENTLY ORCHESTRATED SYMPHONY when…WHEN we are at peace in our hearts and we follow our intuition. I KNOW that along with my friend there were many who were awakened at 3 a.m. on the morning of August 30th (see yesterday’s blog) – some resisted, fought and struggled; others waited with openness and light. Those who waited were drawn into fulfilling a contract that was arranged before arrival on earth; leading a loved one HOME. Those who waited were part of a massive uplifting of the energy of ONE Wayne Dyer. With love and gratitude, I bow and THANK YOU.

Up until now, as far as I know, we’ve been assisting each other energetically since we were born…on an entirely unconscious level. With this information coming to LIGHT, I see MORE than a little reason in making sure that we begin to consciously accept this magnificent POWER and graciously devote ourselves to our DIVINE INTENT: the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL CONCERNED. Namaste, beloveds, namaste.

Photo by Celeste Barnabei-Shott, Folsom, PA

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