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Judge nothing that occurs

One of the hardest tasks we are given here on this planet is to judge nothing that occurs. I struggle with this one on a daily basis. Oh, there you go. That word “struggle” – that’s a hint. If there is struggle, there is resistance. Resist nothing. Observe. Say to yourself “that’s interesting”. But where does this concept end and action begin. Isn’t there some judgement involved in a situation where animals or children are being abused? Isn’t it our obligation and duty to defend and protect the speechless and helpless? Yes. Absolutely, I hear in response. KNOW that your judgement “this is wrong” and your ACTION against it IS right action; stemming from a place of love. Non-judgement is different than non-action. Non-judgement requires you to look closely – after action has been taken and all innocents are protected – at the lesson within what has transpired. The person whose action we judged as “bad,” is the person who needs your LOVE. Ask Spirit to help you see them whole, healthy, loved and loving. If we are all ONE, we have an obligation to do this. Add your heart and spirit to lift their vibration higher. You may need to work on some forgiveness issues first and, please, don’t forget to include forgiving yourself. Once you’ve tapped out (see TheTapping Solution.com) all residual effects of these toxic emotions, add these souls to the top of your prayer list. If we are ONE, and there’s no doubt from my perspective that we are, we must do everything we can do, at least energetically, to lift these souls from their unknowingness into the LIGHT. “Judge not” is a principle that hopes to awaken in you compassion and love, not just for some but for all. Namaste.

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