My Journey Home

Steps Toward Healing

I share my story to inspire anyone struggling with dis-ease. You CAN heal your life.

After a two-year disability that took me down – HARD – I am now more alive and more vital than ever before. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue; two years ago, all hell broke loose. I had a breakdown of massive proportions. My nervous system was kicked into high gear from the rising pain levels and the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed. I spent the first four months of 2013 thinking I was going to die and the next two YEARS wishing I would. In the darkness I reached for help finally and found Archangel Michael. He had been my guardian angel throughout my life, but I didn’t realize how connected we were or even that it had been him I “met” on that mountain in Nevada all those years ago. Once found, he has never left my side.

Slowly, but surely, he (and many others) came to my aid, leading me gently to the things that could facilitate my healing:

  • Gratitude was number one – it is essential to acknowledge and be thankful for what you DO have, rather than concentrating on all that you’ve lost; in my case the losses were compounded (health issues, financial devastation, divorce, loss of pets, loss of my home, loss of my job) BUT once I learned to practice gratitude a whole new world opened up for me – I was grateful for the bed that I woke up in that morning; grateful for the afternoon walk with my dog; grateful for the food that I was able to eat; the sun, the trees, the birds, the sky…all filled my heart with the feeling of HOME and I felt more at peace once I became a TRULY THANKFUL Tracey.
  • Nature: An ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone healing. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the healing power of nature. A trip to the beach, a walk by the lake, or around a city block with my dog, I was able to FEEL the power of the universe supporting me and lifting my vibration ever so gently back to a better feeling state. Greenery is VITAL to life and helps me to BREATHE DEEPLY and remember God’s infinite LOVE.
  • Affirmations: Twenty-five years ago I discovered the power of affirmations, but fell out of the habit of using them. Now, they are on the tip of my tongue every day, especially this one given to me by my angels: I am divinely guided, abundantly supported and profoundly loved (and so are you).
  • EFT Effective Freedom Technique (affectionately known as Tapping): When I discovered tapping by watching The Tapping Solution during the Hay House 2015 World Summit, I recognized its potential immediately. For weeks I tapped on EVERYthing that came up for me emotionally and I was RELEASED from the severe toxicity that had set up house in my body temple. I continue to tap to release negative emotions whenever necessary – and the best part is you don’t need a counselor to do it!
  • Meditation: Regardless of the method, meditation works WONDERS and is a MUST for anyone truly interested in healing. Choose whatever works for you – sitting in silence, walking, listening to nature sounds, or doing a guided meditation will soon become a habit because it puts your mind (and body) well at ease.
  • Craniosacral Therapy (CST): This form of bodywork is like direct solace to the body. I tried acupuncture and massage on various occasions, but the results I received from CST were phenomenal and I continue to go for treatments as needed. For me, it’s like someone just pushes a reset button and my body returns to optimal functioning.
  • Abraham-Hicks: The movie Co-Creating at its BEST, with Esther Hicks, Abraham and Wayne Dyer, was pivotal for me in SO many ways. I watched the movie in May 2015 (Thank you, Hay House!) and I’ve never looked back. The support and encouragement that Abraham feels for us is a powerful reminder that we are not alone. Abraham-Hicks helped me to put the finishing touches on my healing and secure my future in LOVE and LIGHT. FEAR (that nasty, four-letter word) no longer has any control over me; oh, don’t get me wrong, he still shows up almost every day, but now I laugh and reach for a better feeling thought. We have a CHOICE as to how we feel in every moment; I wish to feel alive, healthy, happy, content, loved, and in alignment with Source…and, so it is ❤

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