My Journey Home

From Darkness to Light – Again

It has been more than 5 years since I wrote in this blog.  A lot has happened in that time, not much of it “good.”  I’ve sunk back into old ways of thinking, feeling and being.  Fear and negativity are more familiar to me than peace and joy.  I want to change that.  

Yesterday I re-read every word I had written on this blog.  I desperately need to find a way back to THAT woman.  She seems like someone who appreciates life and makes the most out of it.  I’ve turned into someone who wonders why she’s even here.

So today I turn ever so slowly toward her wisdom.  Today I begin to lean consciously toward the light again.  I ask for Archangel Michael to guide and protect me on this journey.  To be by my side and remind me daily that I am safe.  To hold my hand through the rough spots and lead me towards that which my soul seeks.  

I forgive myself for returning to the familiarity of darkness.  I allow myself a new beginning, guided again by the light which is ME – iamjoyouslight.

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