My Journey Home

The Wonder of it All

Holidays can be so hard. Self-imposed pressures, along with those coming from others, can cause distress in our lives. The traditions of the season can seem more like a chore and less like the wonder with which they began: that little babe in a manger; humans navigating their way to him by following a star… 

I long for more wonder. My heart lifts when I recall how magical life is. As humans, it seems, we need to be reminded. Daily life has a tendency to overwhelm our senses and we forget to “see” the wonder that is often right in front of us. We may appreciate the little “coincidences” of life, but do we really see them for the gifts that they are? 

Look for wonder today and let it fill your heart. If you’re holding grief or discontent, express it – either to someone you love or to the heavens. Doing so will clear a little space for wonder. And then, when it arrives (and it will) take it in deep within your soul and KNOW that YOU ARE LOVED.

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