My Journey Home


Maybe it’s because I’m in a new apartment – not just new to me, but new to anybody.

Maybe it’s because it’s quiet, truly quiet, for the first time in years.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to dread every single decision my government is making anymore (thank you, Joe!).

Something is shifting.  I woke up early today thinking of possibilities.

The image I’m sharing with this post is one of my mom: young, in love, and surrounded in light.  A believer of possibilities.

I never met that woman.  And, but for a brief stint in 2015 (see early posts), I haven’t been that woman for a very long time.

Those two statements have the potential to make me very sad, but just for today I’m going to allow myself to consider the possibility of recapturing that innocence.

What would it take for me to consider that I am on the edge of something wonderful?  That life holds the same potential every single morning that it had when we were young?

What would it take to believe again that I am divinely guided, abundantly protected and profoundly loved?

Yes, I confess, the “joyouslight” that was available to me back in 2015 seems harder to reach these days, but I am looking.  Possibilities only fade when all hope is gone.  Yes, I admit, I have come dangerously close to that edge.  I think a lot of us did.  2020 was rough, and 2021 hasn’t gotten the message yet that the tides are shifting.

A song from Godspell just floated in: 

You are the light of the world.  

You are the light of the world.  

But if that light’s under a bushel, it’s lost something kind of crucial.  

You’ve got to stay bright to be the light of the world.

The 12 year old girl who saw that play seventeen times knew from somewhere deep, deep inside: sometimes the light gets hidden, but it is always there.  This 60 year old woman will now reconnect with that truth, accept that the light has been elusive, let that be okay, and just for today consider the possibilities that it is still there – I just need to remove the tarp.  

Join me.  Just for today, look for the light.  With light, the possibilities are endless.

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