My Journey Home

Kids are Resilient

There is a conversation replaying in my head from a couple of days ago when a response to a little boy’s sadness was lovingly “kids are resilient”…or some such thing. … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Co-Creating at (y)our BEST

Step 1: Whatever feeling you are having right now, ask yourself: “Is this feeling one of lightheartedness or is it heavy, dense and producing distress?” If it’s the former, go … Continue reading

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What you think MATTERs

Human beings have such a difficult time REALIZING the WONDER of it all. We fail to remember, all too often, the phenomenal living, breathing, oneness that is us. We forget … Continue reading

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It doesn’t have to be so HARD.

My reality is catching up with me now. I am experiencing ABUNDANCE in all ways. I have been blessed by being approved to receive unemployment benefits; my landlord has granted me … Continue reading

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Whoops, I fell off my disk: Steps to recover quickly.

Well, today I got knocked off my disk. It happens. I’m human. How to get back on? Feeling angry, unsupported and desperate. These are NOT the types of disks I … Continue reading

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Leaning towards joy. A dedication toward SELF.

I spent the vast majority of my life up until now in FEAR. It dropped me to my knees in 2013. Now, I’m happy to say that it was on … Continue reading

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Do you stop and pray?

Do you stop and pray when you happen upon bad news? I don’t have cable tv and I don’t read the newspapers. If I didn’t have Facebook, news would only … Continue reading

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Do I need The Abundance Whisperer?

I know I must declutter. Though I have very minimal belongings, the clutter caused by some very negative paperwork clogs my home. So far over the past two years I’ve … Continue reading

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A Small Droplet of Wisdom: Refuge within the Storm

When my ship starts a’rocking as all boats are apt to do I hold on tight with all my might and will teach you how to too. The aft, the … Continue reading

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Healing Steps for any Dis-ease

The healing steps I’ve taken that were most successful in decreasing and/or eliminating my symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, include the essential ingredients of gratitude, … Continue reading

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